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General Information on BCS Courses

You can now earn a UK degree (Level 6 Qualifications on the UK Qualifications framework) by safely studying in Mauritius at very affordable prices. This course is structured in 3 levels, completed with a Professional Project.

We are inviting students to register for British Computer Society courses for October 2021 Exams in a renewed format and with added benefits. The sessions are set to start end May or early June 2021.

For those who had May 2021 exams postponed for October 2021 due to lockdown, please note that FREE revision session will be offered in respective modules.

Modules on Offer

The modules on offer in this period will include:

Main Modules on offer1. Computer & Network Technology
2. Information Systems
1. Professional Issues in IS
2. Systems Analysis & Design
1. Management Information Systems
2. Computer Services Management
Additional Modules on Request3. Software Development3. IT Project Management
4. Computer Networks
5. Database Systems
6. New Modules(see below)
3. Advanced Databases
4. IT & the Environment
5. Software Engineering 2
Normal days to be conductedWeek-ends and/or weekdaysWeek-ends and/or weekdaysWeek-ends and/or weekdays

New Modules

BCS has added 4 new modules at the Diploma level : (i) Big Data Management, (ii) Smart Systems, (iii) User Experience (iv) Web Development. We are pleased to confirm that these new modules are immediately available at Active Learning.

Payment Mode and Details

Payment can be made in 1 of the following ways


Details can be provided upon registration.


This will be accepted in our office.

Conditions Applicable

  1. A payment of at least 50% should have been completed by the student in order to benefit from this offer.
  2. Courses will be ONLINE during lockdown or partial lockdown via MS Teams, interactive with a trainer. Classroom training will only be conducted when authorities allow.
  3. Depending on the modules chosen, practical courses will be offered and are inclusive in the offer. For example, for the Software Development module at BCS Certificate Level, Programming in C++ is offered.
  4. Students must follow up the sessions with online exercises and assignments as per course plan, else they will be de-registered.